What Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Know About Failure.

Believe me, I feel so concerned when I see aspiring entrepreneurs get over-motivated by the success story of highly successful entrepreneurs.Though motivation is great but still it bothers me that this people get into it thinking it will be all rosy. Unknowingly to them, these successful people have passed through lots of sacrifices, challenges, and failure at some point to get to where they are right now.

I’ve heard of persons who get into entrepreneurship with a hundred percent success mentality.

How do you know?

Simple, they quit their jobs completely; probably invest all they have into such business with little or no cash remaining to support on. The implication of this is that you might be knocked out by just the slightest challenge or disappointment.

Few months ago, December to be precise, when I started becoming intentional on social media and the online space, I got to meet lots of personalities (from facebook in particular). One of the major places I met these personalities were in few facebook groups I joined and got acquainted to.

I loved what these guys were doing online; displaying and improving their personal brands that I had to ponder and study.

It took me lots of tireless study and courses to get to this point as a writer, youth speaker and digital marketer. I loved the success story and all but I knew it was not a day’s journey so I gave myself little or no pressure and worked at my own pace.

With this I kept growing and learning.

Failure to you should not a full-stop but a comma. If you really want to be successful in your entrepreneurial journey, failure should not be a threat but a form of motivation to get strong.

As we know, entrepreneurship is not a rosy adventure. It requires your time, energy and most times, your money.

When I was about starting up Entreprehub.com a month ago, a friend of mine kept warning me on the “implications”. He kept emphasizing on the failure rate in blogging for many newbie bloggers. After all that, I was advised to have a rethink.

Well, I did. I knew he was correct at a point, but here is the thing, “Failure is not a problem, but the failure to begin is”. I knew failing as a blogger was not to be a threat to start.


Never let anything pull you down. Start with the end in view. When the going gets tough, be determined. That’s the spirit of entrepreneurship

Coca-Cola sold only 25 gallons of syrup in its first year, but never relented.

It’s been said that Thomas Edison tried the light bulb and failed 9999times.That’s determination even in the sight of failures.

When you keep hitting a wall and it fails on the 1000th time, it wasn’t the 1000th hit that got it down but the 999 hits that didn’t.


It’s not about showing up, but showing up consistently. It’s able pushing and getting back on your faith when you fail. It’s about giving your all to what you believe in.

In Conclusion

As you start your entrepreneurial journey, remember, it’s you against the world; It’s you against the challenges. Stand firm and learn from every step missed and every mistake made.

See you at the top!


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