Top 10 Lucrative Small Business Ideas For Students.

If you are a student then I tell you right now that you can start up a business while in school and still do absolutely well in your academics. It all comes with how to manage your time and place priorities in many things happen.

In this article, I’m going to be sharing 10 lucrative businesses you can start up as a student without much stress.

Most excuse a lot of students give is “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have the capital to start up any business”. Some even believe that starting a business in school will automatically prevent them from getting their desired grade.

Well, you are absolutely wrong!

Here is the thing….

Starting a business in school could take a lot of time and money and that is why I have compiled a list of business that would only require few hours of your time everyday or even on weekends.

As for the capital, the businesses listed here only need a little capital to be executed.

So here are the 10 lucrative small business ideas for students


1. Tutoring: Being a student has lots of advantages. One of them being that you acquire knowledge that lot of people might not have been exposed to. As a student you can start up a tutoring service if you are a very smart type and want to make money from the knowledge you have inside of you. It doesn’t require much to start up, just the determination and you are good to go.


2. Freelancing: If you have good writing skills, then freelancing is a service you should consider venturing into. There are bloggers who may not have the time to write and would pay you to write for them. Apart from this, freelance sites like O-desk and Fiverr are a good platform to earn from freelancing.


3. Graphic design: In an era where there seem to be shortage of competent graphic designers, the few who have taken time to grow into great graphic designers are in so much high demand. As this is because graphic designers are needed by almost everyone especially those who wants to get known for a particular service or product.


4. Hair making/ Barbing: This is one of the most lucrative businesses in school. In my school right now, barbing your hair cost #300 per person depending on the hair treatment you want. Though it takes a lot of money to start your own barbing salon, If you already have the skill, then attaching to someone who already has a barbing salon wouldn’t be a bad idea. Once accepted, you start earning from there-from your free time or weekends depending on your schedule.


5. Blogging: This is one of my favorite when it comes to making money as a student. Blogging is a very lucrative business to venture in a student. You might have heard of persons who made 5-6 figures through blogging, well, that’s so true. With a laptop/phone and internet connection it costs nothing to create a .blogspot or .wordpress blog. Though the results are not immediate, but with determination and consistency, you’ll be controlling a large stream of income in

To get more about starting up a blog, click HERE


6. Event planning: Students who love planning events or getting involved in event organization can consider going into event planning service as a business while in school. This is a very lucrative business as most events happen on weekends when you’re mostly free and it’s easy to startup as most of your works would likely come from referrals from satisfied customers.


7. Tailoring: Can you sew good quality clothes? If yes, then you should consider going into tailoring business. All you need is a sewing machine and your sewing skills. With that you can let your business known to everyone around you and also advertise using posters, social media or any other marketing media.


8. Web design: Considering a career in web design is a highly lucrative. To venture into this, you might need a little knowledge on programming languages. Highly professional web designers charge as high as #200000 to build a website. Web designer can generate a great stream of income for students who are ready to pay the price.


9. Event MCs: Being an event MC requires little or no money to start up. It only requires your ability to speak and connect to a crowd as well as a good sense of humour, which can be learnt. There are lots of students in the university who can speak and connect well with large audiences. if you happen to be one of these students, then  you should consider going into event MC.


10.Used clothes sales: Sales of fairly used clothes popularly known as Okirika is a trending business for lots of young people who want to venture into the fashion industry with little startup capital. This business costs as low as N20000 to start. As a student you can start with the sale of jeans, shirts, skirts and so on.

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Other business to startup:

11. Restaurant

12. Baking

13. Professional cleaning service

14. Airtime or bulk data service

15. Typing and editing service

16. Social media management

17. Drop shipping

18. Phones and computer repairs

19. Photography

20. Become a Jumia agent.


Here are just a list of some of the businesses you can start up as a student, the list is ended. But no matter the business you choose to go into, make sure that it also gives you a little time to study and take your academics serious.

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