EMAIL MARKETING: How to attract customers and increase sales

Have you heard of Email marketing but don’t know what it is, or how it can contribute to helping your business grow? Email marketing, according to experts, is considered as one of the easiest and most effective ways of digital marketing. This is because it allows you connect with your leads easily and increases your chances of turning them to customers without having to spend so much on advertising.

What is Email Marketing?

Now we know the importance of Email marketing. What then is Email marketing?

According to Wikipedia, E-mail marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

In a nutshell, Email marketing has to with marketing to a group of persons through mails, building trust in the process by nurturing them, and at the end, convert them into paying customers.

How to attract customers and increase sales using Email Marketing

Now that you know what Email marketing is, how about we go into the steps in implementing this marketing strategy to grow your business and increase sales.

1. Know your target Audience or customer

The main aim of Email marketing is to connect with your target audiences and convert them into customers. So you need to identify who your target audiences are? Your target audiences are those who would, in one way or the other, be in need of what you have to offer and would be willing to buy from you when the occasion arises.

Doing this would help your channel your resources rightly and help you create offers that’d meet their needs.

2. Focus on building your own E-mail list

Your E-mail list is a list of your audiences’ Email address that is automatically added to your database for email campaigns. A lot of brands and businesses make the mistake of buying Emails lists, just because they feel the need to reach out to thousands of people overnight. Unfortunately, this people know nothing about the business or what they offer, and in most cases, they don’t care.

As much as you can, never subscribe to the idea of buying Email lists. Your email list should be grown and nurture overtime by you alone. This would help to make sure you attract people who’ll subscribe to your list because they need what you have to offer; and also help you build a good relationship with your prospects.

3. Avoid spamming your Email contacts

Spamming your contacts is regarded an offense not just in Email marketing, but in Marketing at large. It diminishes your brand value and you begin to lose your subscriber’s trust.

As much as you can, avoid the temptation of this very act. These include having a non-deceptive subject line, a method of unsubscribing, and your name and address at the end of your emails. It’s best to get acquainted to this rules before starting your campaign to avoid mistakes and regrets if found guilty of this act.

4. Focus on giving value to your subscribers

This should be your main focus as you build your list. This people probably gave you their Emails to have an experience with you or your brand, you owe it to them, never forget this. The more you do this, the more they trust you and your brand. And turn from just mere fans and customers to well-meaning evangelists for your brand, sharing your message in appreciation for the value they receive.

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5. Personalize your emails and make them conversational

I have Emails I read quickly once I login to my Gmail account, I have those I read later, and honestly, I have those I don’t bother reading for a long time. The difference between these three is in the level at which I feel involved in the contents when reading them.

Personalizing your E-mail helps your subscriber feel like he/she in a room and it’s just the two of you talking. This is a very great way to keep your subscribers glued to you and various ways to personalize your emails include:

Addressing your subscriber by name. E.g “Hi, John” works better than “Hi Subscriber” or “Hi”

Referring to your subscriber using the second person pronoun, “You”.

Remember, no one wants to feel they’re talking to a stranger. Make your subscribers feel at home when reading your mails.

6. Have a scheduled timing for sending emails

Having a scheduled time and routine for sending emails to your subscribers makes your subscribers aware of what to expect from you and when. However you have to be very carefully when scheduling so as to have the perfect timing that’d be convenient for you and not affect your brand in any way.

7. Use catchy headlines.

Imagine you have a list of Emails lining in your Inbox and you just have the chance to open just one, which one would it be?

Exactly! The one whose headline catches your attention.

Your headline is the first content your subscriber comes in contact with, therefore it plays a very big role in determining whether your email would be taken seriously or not.

Note: Do not adhere to the temptation of deceptive headlines as this could be regarded as spamming.


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