How To Create A Facebook Group For Influence And Profit

Few persons have met me and asked me this same question of how to create a Facebook group to build their personal brand and make profit. Really, as much as I’ll want to tell you to go ahead with it immediately, I’ll love to let you know all it takes in this article; to avoid you making mistakes.

Facebook group, as we both know, is a great medium through which people build a community of people for a particular purpose. Some, for fun purposes while others do it for more serious reasons( to accomplish a cause, for businesses, campaigns etc).

But in this article I’m going to be teaching on how to use this same medium to build a platform makes you an authority.

First of all, Who can open a Facebook group?

  • Anyone who has a message that people can believe in.It doesn’t have to be complex. It could be as simple as “Blogging tips for profit” group or as complex as “2019 General elections Community”

  • Having a closed grouping has it’s advantages

In opening a Facebook group, you can choose to make it an open, closed or secret group.

A lot of persons create open groups in the quest to get large amount of members in no time. As much as it sounds nice, I’ll advise you understand that if you want to build a great community and become an authority in that niche, then your aim should not be about getting a large amount of members but a large amount of “audiences” who are interested in what the group is about.

A number of persons join Facebook communities for so many reasons which might not work in line with your aim of starting up the community.

A closed group help you approve or decline those coming in to join your Facebook group and also help you monitor posts made on your group by members before they are published.

  • It takes time to build

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but if you’re planning on building a Facebook group consisting of persons who’d trust you and be willing to let go of their money for what you have to offer, you have to take into consideration that it’s going to take time to build.

  • It take tons of effort in creating contents and engaging

Whoever told you that managing a Facebook group is just a piece of cake lied to you. It’s not an impossible task to do, but at the same time, it’s not a piece of cake. It takes tons of efforts in creating valuable contents and engaging your audience on a regular basis.


Benefits of Starting a Facebook group for your brand
  • Your audience get your message

Unlike Facebook pages that have this disadvantage of only getting to a tiny fraction of your audiences, Facebook groups are actually a great way to get your message to every of your group members without stress of promotions.

  • You have an audience that gets to trust you.

The truth is, everyone desires to be trusted. I know of a very popular Facebook group with over 100,000 members comprising of business owners, entrepreneurs and boy! the founder of this community is so much respected all over the country and in Africa.

Why is this so? This is because he now has a wide community of entrepreneurs all over the world that trusts him as an authority in the niche due to his input to his massive group members and his zeal to help them grow their businesses through giving valuable contents.

  • You become an authority

Now, don’t get it twisted, creating a Facebook group doesn’t make you an authority from day one. You are only been regarded an authority due to your efforts in delivering valuable contents to them.

But still as you progress, you’ll become more like a coach or consultant to your audience

  • Opportunities are open to you

This is completely true. As an authority in a particular niche, you’ll get lots of opportunities. These opportunities can be speaking opportunities( In most cases) or even awards as the case may be.

  • You can make so much money by selling to them

Now this is the best part. Imagine having a Facebook community with over 2,000 people who trust your message and your expertise. You can make millions through selling of information products, recommending a product to them(Affiliate marketing), and many other ways.

Let’s say you have a community of  2,000 people who are interested in losing weight, and you have a great report or ebook on how to lose weight presented to them at the rate of #5,000. If you have about 10 people buying your product that month, that’s a whooping #50,000 in cool cash.

Lots of information marketers make use of this medium and it pays like wide fire.



Though I personally don’t own a Facebook group yet and this is because I feel I’m not prepared for the workload yet, but I have a Facebook group I manage.

But the thing is, if you really think you are prepared for it and still need me to guide you on how to gain influence and make money using Facebook groups, just let me know in the comment box. And I’ll be there to help.


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