How to build customer loyalty

5 Tips To build Customer Loyalty And Trust

Many at times we get carried away by this analogy that “business is all about making profit”. Some entrepreneur be like “You know, we’ve gotta make the profit no matter what it takes”. Really, the purpose of a business is to make profit. But most importantly, a good business that wants to stand the test of time and stay relevant for a long time will never ignorant this little fact- It’s all about the customer. The customers are the reason you’re in business and they’re the reason why you’ll still remain in business. So here we’re going to be looking into 5 quality tips in which you can build customer loyalty and trust

1. Quality customer service

Take it from me, striving to build customer loyalty through quality customer service is as important, and in most cases, more important than the product or service you’re trying to sell. The way you treat your customer matters a lot especially if you want last long in business.

Every activity of the business should be centered on increasing customer experience.

2. Gifts and Attention

Customers are emotional beings also and not just buying machines you walk to when you need some couple of dollars. One top secret of successful companies in building customer loyalty and trust is – influencing the customer emotionally.

This has to do with reaching out to them once in a while, and also giving gifts, yea, you can gift your customers as part of a bonus or appreciation for doing business with you. By doing this, they feel indebted to you and once your customers feel that you care more about them, they become loyal to you and your business.

3. Deliver more value than they paid for

Delivering more value than they paid for has to do with giving great value for their money and more. Customers are happy when they have this sense of fulfillment that comes with services rendered to them or products purchased.

Nobody does business with people when they feel cheated. It’s something that has to do with our psychology. Nobody loves paying more money for less value.

4. Keep to your promises

What does your business represent? What does it promise your customer? Make sure to deliver to those promises. If your products promises your customer comfort or beauty, make sure it delivers to the core so they don’t come with complains and regrets for patronizing your business.

Also make sure your products or services are not less than the quality promised. This goes a long way in increasing customers’ loyalty and trust.

5. Ask customers for reviews

One little but very important thing successful businesses do is; they set out certain days just to call customers and make sure to know about the customers’ experiences when using their product or service and what the company/business can do to enhance their customer experience and serve them better.

Asking customers for reviews goes a long way in keeping customer loyalty. It makes the customer feel like a part of the business and also tells the customer that you’re not just interested in selling but you value his/her opinion about your business operation.

Why You Should Build Customer Loyalty And Trust.

1. Referrals

When your customers become loyal to your business, they automatically become brand evangelists overnight; talking about your business to people without you asking. They’ve gotten to fall in love with your business that it’s more than just buying and selling. It’s now like they want family and friends to enjoy the same customer service and value they enjoy purchasing your products or services.

2. Honest reviews

An honest review from customers is what you get when you make them feel important and like a part of your business. A happy customer would want to give honest reviews that will make you serve them better hereby indirectly improving your business through their reviews and making sure you put lots of things in place to serve them better. Loyal customers are like a part of your business.

3. They become “happy buyers”.

This means they spend money on your business without stress or any iota of compliance. It’s amazing how most businesses gain so many customers loyalty to the point to which they increase the prices of their products or services and their customers really don’t get discouraged or move to the next competitor.

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Customers have the power to enhance your business as well as kick you out of business in a heartbeat. But the most important thing is; gaining your customer loyalty can really go a long way to help you rise above your competitors.

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