How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing has become one of the fastest growing money making medium for internet marketers in Nigeria. In recent times, it’s been said to be easier to go into than any other internet businesses even blogging. This is because of the ease of making money from this online business.

So In this article, I’m going to give the guide you need to make money as an affiliate. Now, some the information you’ll be getting in this post are what a lot of persons pay huge amount to buy either in form of eBooks, audio courses or video courses. But here I’m going to be breaking it down as much as I can and then in case of any questions, make use of the comment box below and I’m be willing to help.


How does Affiliate marketing work?

In affiliate marketing, you don’t necessarily need to create any program (your own product), all you need do is sign up to be an affiliate for a brand or company, and you get commissions for every sale made. In some cases, you get as much as 50% commission on sale.

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What do I need to get started?

Becoming an affiliate is almost the same as starting up any online business. The tools or resources to start up are not so much. In fact, they are things you probably have already or in some cases, some. They are:

  • A computer system/ Smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • A blog, Facebook page or Facebook group.

With this tools mentioned above, I’d say you are almost ready to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer.

Things To Note About Affiliate Marketing.

You don’t necessarily need a blog to go into affiliate marketing(though it’s an added advantage). The fact is, you just need to promote the link given to you. This can be through your Facebook account, Facebook groups or other platforms or forum. The aim is to get people to click on the link and buy the product(s).

But I’ll advice you take caution when promoting your link, especially on social media groups or any other media.

That’s why sometimes it’s advisable you own a blog. Your blog can just be a one-page blog where visitors can come in and get a glance at what you offer.

You don’t need so much to set-up a blog. It could be a free WordPress blog.


One other thing I advise a lot of people while doing this is to BUILD A LIST. Email Marketing is exactly where the money is currently. Building a list has to do with having a wide range of target audience you sell to or relate with.

With a wide range of email subscribers, you can earn massively from just one promotion. For example you have 1000 subscribers and you promote a $100 product with 10% commission on sale with over 10 people buying from you. That’s a whooping $100 for you from just one product.





Jumia Affiliate Program

As we all know, Jumia is considered to be one of top Nigerian eCommerce store. With this, Jumia has also proven to be the most reputable affiliate program in Nigeria for Nigerians with up to 11% commission on sales depending on the product(s) being promoted.

With products ranging from smartphones and electronics to fashion wears and beauty products. There are tons of products you can promote as an affiliate for jumia and earn high commission monthly.


Konga Affiliate Program

When it comes to online stores in Nigeria, Konga falls on the second category just behind their greatest competitor, Jumia. With up to 9% commission on sales, the company offers a range affiliate products to promote as an affiliate.

Although konga over lesser commissions on their products, they are still considered by many as the best.

Your total earnings will be reviewed at the end of the month and paid into you’re your local account for cash-out.


Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon has been around for a long time now and is currently the most popular among the list we have here. This company is a global brand and they are known for selling almost every product under the sun. I mean, almost every product!

So no matter your niche or product specialty, they always got you covered and commissions on sales are awesome(in dollars) depending on the products you’re promoting.


Dealdey Affiliate Program

Dealdey is considered to be Nigeria’s first deal site. With amazing offers on products ranging from different categories, this company allows people make money by promoting their deals as affiliate marketers.

When you make a sale, you earn N500 on commission for the product and other.


Affiliate marketing remains one of the coolest ways to earn/make money online. It only requires those things listed above and your determination.

In case of any questions, make use of the comment box and i’ll be there to help out.

Do you have questions or suggestions on this topic? Please use the comment box below. I’ll love to hear from you.

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