5 Ways To Build A Strong Personal Brand

Building a strong personal brand is an important step if you want to get known, generate more business leads, or attract customers who’d get to trust you and your business; and also would be willing to purchase whatever product or service you have to offer.

A Personal Brand is a positive expectation, a promise to your market. It is the preferred position in your client’s mind. A personal brand owns the equity stake, the mindshare on which no one else can compete.

—Joe Heller, president, Heller International

Building a personal brand takes a lot of time, effort and dedication on your part. Everything you do demonstrates your personal brand. From how to look, to how to speak, to how you interact with people and a whole lot of things.

But in the article, I’m going to be showing you how to build a strong personal brand that not only announces you, but helps you in building a wide, trusted audience.

1.) Decide what you want to be known for

In my upcoming Ebook, “Building your Platform”, I wrote extensively on the importance of laying a solid foundation that portrays what you want to be known for. This goes a long way in painting a clear picture in the minds of people when your name is being mentioned.

I believe there are probably very few persons who have not heard of Barack Obama or Oprah Winfred or even Mark Zukerberg. These individuals have succeeded in creating a name for themselves by first laying a solid foundation on the area or sphere they want to be known for.

2.) Understand your industry and keep learning

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Never forget this! Don’t think you know all in your industry. We live in a world where Information are updated everyday. Therefore, You need to constantly study everything you can about your industry and remain up-to-date on various trends in your chosen industry. This not only makes you an expert in your field, it also make people trust you completely.

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3.) Build online presence

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You want to be accessible to millions of people and have a great number of trusted audience? Then you have to building your online presence extremely serious. Gone are the days when words of mouth were the major medium for building a brand.

In building online presence, you need to take your online platforms such as your website, Social media platforms, LinkedIn profile and every other online platform very serious. Focus on keeping your audience engaged and interested in you. And this can be accomplished by creating quality contents, giving out resources, Special promotions etc. in order to increase reliability and trust.

Whatever medium you decide to start with or choose, always remember to put your audience first. It’s all about them. Developing a strong personal brand can be the key to rising above the competition. So building a strong online presence gives you an exceptionally effective way to broadcast who you are to your target market quickly and efficiently


4.) Speak at Events and Conferences

Speaking at events and conferences are a very good way to build trust and competency in the sight of your audience. People relate easily with you when they know they can sit to hear and interact with you. It makes you more human to them and they see you as an authority to reckon with.

As an upcoming brand, volunteer to speak at meetings and events. Though you might not be paid yet, but doing this gives you the medium to share your knowledge and story; hereby making a name for yourself. And in no time, you’ll be the expert everyone wants in their events.

5.) Build your network and collaborate with others

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Remember, you can’t do this all by yourself. You need to build a network of individuals who are probably in the same area or niche as you are. This could be people who probably have succeeded in building a stronger brand image than you.

Building and collaborating with them opens you up to lots of opportunities and helps you grow rapidly. Connect with as many as you can and also strive to keep the relationship mutually beneficial.

In Conclusion

Personal Branding is about taking control of how other people perceive you even before coming into direct contact with you. Believe it or not, you already have a Personal Brand in the minds of people. Even if it’s “just another writer” or “that business woman”. That’s a brand you’ve built accidentally without even being aware of it.

But here and now, you’re going to start taking conscious control of that process and taking control of public perception. And you have to start Now!


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