5 Reasons Why You Must Leverage On Social Media For Your Business

I’ve heard people give their different views and opinion on ” Social Media ”. While many think it’s totally what it’s been called “ Social Media ”, a place just to get social and mingle with friends and also meet new people; Some others have been about to leverage on the use this platform called Social media to start up, build and grow their businesses to get more sales and beat the competition.

As an entrepreneur, many factors contribute to your success and one of those factors is the “digital” factor. There is a limit to the amount of people you can meet and sell your product or service to if you just want to follow the traditional method of marketing alone.

For your business to be seen by millions of people, you need to harness the power of the internet, believe it or not. And Social media is one of the greatest tools for this visibility.

Not still convince?

Here are the various reasons why you must leverage on the use of social media for your business.

1. Connect with your target audience

Believe it or not, social media is “the large community”. With Over 2.46 billion social media users online, you can get your business on a very high scale and reach your prospects with just one click.

Whether you are on social media or not, your prospects or audiences are looking to social media first to connect with you and your brand.

By connecting with you, they are able to share their thoughts, contributions, complaints, questions and commendations; making them feels as an important part of your business.

2. Increase brand awareness and loyalty

When you post on social media, you communicate to a large amount of audiences. Now when you share information or communicate on social media about your business, you are in a way trying to tell the world about your brand so they know it exist, and also telling about what your brand has to offer to anyone who comes in contact with you or your brand.

You also build loyalty because the more people see more of you and your business, the more they take you seriously and trust you to be able to deliver to your promises.

3. Social Media helps you build relationships.

One of the things I’ve learnt, has helped me in a long run and still helping is the understanding I have when it comes to maximizing relationships. Social media has a great record when it comes to meeting new people and building relations with family, friends, and even people we’ve never met one on one.

Consumers really want to have a close relationship with you. They want to be able to interact with you and your brand freely. When you approach your audience as buying machines, you’re doing yourself and your brand a very big harm.

When you build a solid relationship with your customers, they’ll want to reciprocate the gesture and they in turn automatically become dedicated brand promoters.

4. Increase traffic and conversions for your website

Imagine creating a post on social media about your business, and at the end of the post you include a link to your website. On the other hand, imagine making a post on your website and then you share the link to the post on your social media platforms such as facebook, instagram and twitter.

Here’s what happens, you’ll get tens and probably hundreds of people to click on the link, coming into your website.

Not only that, by driving tons of people into your website, you’re generating tons of traffic for your website. The more you generate tons of traffic to your website, the more it ranks higher on Google.

And just to let you know, the more traffic you get, the more opportunities for conversions and the more closed deals you get.

5. Keep track of your competition

Call it stalking or tracking, keeping track of your competitors’ activities not only makes you aware of their advantages over you and give you ways on how to improve, it also keeps you informed on the latest trends in your industry.

As a brand, you need to understand that resources you get from your competitors can be tools to also help you grow your own business and be on top of your game.


Now that you know the importance of this platform and how it can help announce your business and get it to the faces and minds of your audience, here is what you should do:

Get down there and start telling the world about your business using social media!


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